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Create easy chatbot conversations to engage with your customers.

Lead Generation

Create a chatbot to generate new leads for your product in a very natural style. Ask your customers the questions you need to know and have the results submitted or exported to your sales team.

Engaging Surveys

All given answers to your chatbots can be visualized on a customized dashboard with charts, tables and plain numbers. You can also easily export all your survey results into a PDF or Spreadsheet.

Share Information

You can build automated conversations to just spread information. The ability to use your own companies language to talk to your customer makes it fun and exciting to discover your news.

How it works

1. Create

Use the editor to create your conversation script. It’s super simple and takes just a few minutes.

2. Publish

When you finished editing, you can preview your chatbot and hit the publish button.

3. Share

Share your bot by spreading the direct link, embed it into your page via iframe or use the ready to go chat widget script.

Simple Editor

BotReach Chatbot Editor

A BotReach conversation consists of many individual snippets placed in a simple timeline. The BotReach editor makes it super simple to edit or add new snippets without having any programming skills. Since a conversation doesn't rely on Artificial Intelligence or any other fancy language processing technology, it is easy to create non-complex conversations in a few minutes.

If you want to allow interaction with a snippet, you can currently choose of two different response types: Buttons and Custom Input. Buttons are simple, pre-defined responses which the user can click on. The Input field enables a custom input form, in which a user can provide his own answer.


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